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"The secret to selling more books with an irresistible synopsis"

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By: Kacarea

A well-written synopsis will make the difference between capturing the interest of the literary agent's editor and of course that of the reader. Follow these steps and you will surely achieve your goal.

A synopsis is a brief summary that describes the plot of a literary work, including the main characters, conflicts, and key events that happen in the story. Its goal is to give the reader or editor a general idea of the work's plot without revealing too many details. And this is "The secret to selling more books with an irresistible synopsis"

"The secret to selling more books with an irresistible synopsis" To write an effective synopsis that engages the reader, it is important to follow these steps:

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  • Start with a striking sentence that piques the reader's interest.

  • Introduces the protagonist and describes his initial situation.

  • Introduce the antagonist and describe his role in the plot.

  • Describe the main conflict and how it develops throughout the story.

  • Includes the most important events in the plot and how they affect the characters.

  • Describe the climax of the story and how the main conflict is resolved.

  • Conclude with a powerful sentence that leaves the reader wanting to read the entire work.

Here is a brief example of a synopsis for an adventure novel:

"When young explorer Jack ventures into the Amazon jungle in search of a lost treasure, he meets the mysterious warrior Ana, who helps him fight a dangerous organization seeking the same treasure. As they travel through the jungle and discover clues key, Jack and Ana are forced to confront their own fears and internal conflicts. But when they finally find the treasure, they discover that it is not what they expected and must make a difficult decision that will change their lives forever."

I hope this is useful to you in writing your synopsis. Good luck!


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