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About us

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Where Creativity Meets Narrative

The Beginning of a Creative Journey
It all started with a dream and a deep love for books. A decade ago, in a small studio illuminated by the warm light of inspiration, a group of artists and storytellers gathered with one mission: to transform the way readers perceive books at first glance..

Uniting Passions and Talents
Our team has always believed that a cover is not just the "face" of a book, but a window to the world that waits inside. With this philosophy, each designer, illustrator and graphic artist on our team brings their unique passion for literature, art and design, creating covers that not only capture the essence of the story, but also ignite the reader's imagination.

Stories that come to life
From romantic science fiction to historical fantasies, we've worked hand-in-hand with authors and publishers to bring to life worlds that, until then, only existed in words. Our cover gallery is a testament to this journey: each design is a tale of collaboration, understanding and meticulous artistry.

More than Designers, We Are Visual Storytellers
At Kacarea, we don't consider ourselves simply cover designers; We are visual storytellers. Each project is an opportunity to tell a story in a unique and fascinating way. And in this process, we fully immerse ourselves in the universe of the book, working closely with the authors to capture the atmosphere, characters and themes of their work.

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